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Strategic Firebreaks

Firebreaks serve a number of functions. Generally they are considered to be relatively narrow, man-made barriers of bare ground intended to stop bush fires under high fuel load conditions. Man-made mineral earth firebreaks can only be of assistance in slowing down a bush fire rather than stopping it, because spotting will occur and no direct fire suppression attack is possible.

Some firebreaks are designed to prevent the fire escaping, and others are designed to restrict entry of a fire from outside the property or area.

Strategic firebreaks act as an aid to firefighters by reducing flame length and intensity at strategic locations so that both direct fire attack and/or back burning operations can be undertaken more effectively. This method increases safety for firefighters by altering fire rates of spread and intensity and by providing safer and quicker access and escape routes for firefighters and equipment.

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Before & After - Strategic Firebreaks

Strategic Firebreaks - Before
Strategic Firebreaks - After